Best Electric Cars Related Small Business ideas for 2018

1. Electric Vehicle Charging Station

One of the most popular electric car related businesses that are comming up in India is electric vehicle charging station. The fact that electric vehicles require charging gives room for entrepreneurs to start electric vehicle charging station business.
It is important to state that charging times vary from one model of electric vehicle to another. An electric vehicle charging station, also called EV charging station is an element in an infrastructure that supplies electric energy for the recharging of electric vehicles.

2. Electric Car Repair and Servicing Garage

Electric car repair and servicing business is amongst the highly profitable electric cars related business ideas an entrepreneur can successfully start. As long as people use their electric cars regularly, there will always be reasons for them to visit an electric car repair and servicing garage if indeed they want these vehicles to continue to ply the roads.
This is because you can never rule out wear and tear when a machine is in use. People visit electric car repair and servicing garages for different reasons; it could be for routine servicing, major repair works, or for refurbishing their electric cars. For whatever reasons; there is always business for an electric car repair and servicing garage that is well positioned.

3. Car Wash Business

Another profitable electric car related business an entrepreneur who is all out to make money should consider starting is to open a car wash that is dedicated towards washing electric cars. The market for electric car wash is driven by the purchase of electric cars and the increase in consumer spending. In essence, as the general economy of a country grows, more people will buy electric cars and they will patronize the services of electric car wash if their driving habits encourage them to do so.

4. Electric Car Panel Beating Services (Automobile Body Work) Business

Starting a panel beating services that is dedicated to taking care of electric cars is one promising electric car related business idea that is open to aspiring entrepreneurs. It is normal for electric car owners to carry out body work on their electric cars whenever they are involved in minor and major accidents.
Auto body work business is a thriving and profitable business and if you are interested in starting an electric car related business, then one of your options is to open an auto body repair workshop that is specialized in electric cars. Please note that you would need to learn the trade before you can successfully launch this type of business.

5. Electric Cars Spraying and Branding Workshop

Another profitable electric car related business idea an entrepreneur who is interested in starting a business in the electric car industry is electric car spraying and branding business. When the body of an electric car is worked upon or when there is a dent on the body of the car, mostly likely the owner would want to spray the whole body of the car in order for the car to look new and presentable.
So also, organizations brand their electric cars to suit their company's color and also to carry their company's logo and every information they want people to see; that is where electric car branding companies come in handy. It is important to state that before starting this type of electric car business you will be required to acquire the relevant skills.

6. Electric Car Tracker Installation and Repair Business

Another promising and profitable electric car related business idea that an aspiring entrepreneur can start is car tracker installation and repair business. Since the car tracking system came into existence, it has become very easy for fleet operators to comfortably manage their vehicles.
With the advent of this device, investing in transport, haulage and logistic business and even ambulance services have become a profitable venture because the tracking device helps keep the drivers under check, monitor the distance covered and also ensures safety of the vehicle.

7. Electric Car AC Repair and Servicing Workshop

The fact that there is hardly any electric car that comes out of the manufacturing plant without factory fitted AC means that there is a large market for technicians who are into electric car AC repair. So, if you are looking towards starting an electric car related business, one of your options is to open an electric car AC repair and servicing workshop.

8. Sale of Electric Car Spare Parts

As long as people still use electric cars, electric car spare parts will continue to be in demand. Electric car spare parts business is indeed a profitable business because the replacement of damaged or worn - out parts is compulsory if you want your vehicle to continue to be on the road. If you are looking for an electric car related business to start as an entrepreneur and you know you have interest in the electric cars industry, then you should consider starting your own electric cars spare parts sale business.

9. Production of Spare Parts for Electric Cars

If you are interested in starting a production based business in the electric cars industry and you don't have the financial capacity to go into the production of electric cars, one of your options is to go into the production of spare parts for electric cars. The fact that people make use of electric cars means that there is a market for your product. Just ensure that you come up with good marketing strategies that will help you push your products into the market.

10. Installing Home Solar Systems with EV Chargers

Another electric car related business idea that is open to technically inclined entrepreneurs is to go into the installation of home solar system with EV chargers. The fact that there are loads of people switching to the use of electric cars makes this business profitable. Just ensure that you position your business in a location with loads of electric car owners and you won't struggle to generate income from the business.

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