Electric Vehicle Driver Safety Training - Self Paced Learning

Electric (EV) vehicles are still relatively new. While they are not difficult to drive, there is significant differences when compared to driving a regular car, which runs on diesel or petrol.

Our EV driver safety course is designed to help bridge the gap between internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles, and electric vehicles, so you can be confident you are getting the most from your new vehicle.

While both cars look pretty much the same, structural differences between EVs and their fuel-powered variants differ from model to model. Every EV is built based on certain manufacturing and safety regulations and undergoes extensive testing. Every country has a set of mandatory safety tests, that help make the machinery as safe as possible. While there have been reports of EV fires, it is highly unlikely that Li-ion battery fires are never spontaneous. The underlying cause is usually physical damage, such as in a car crash, or that the batteries have exceeded their safe operating temperature. Both these potential risks have been addressed in most EVs.

Vehicles are becoming safer, but if vehicle operators aren’t doing their job, then all the safety systems in the world are not going to help them.

With our EV courses, we combine creating an understanding of driving electric, driving habits, lithium-ion battery safety, reviewing the owner’s manual with the added benefit of developing advanced and defensive driving techniques, to make you a safer more skilful driver.

Self Paced Learning

Course Syllabus:

      1. Key differences between EV and ICE
      2. Differences in performance and power delivery compared to ICE
      3. Performance characteristics of your specific EV
      4. How to maximize battery range
      5. EV Battery and Charging your EV
      6. Isolation in Electric Vehicle Systems
      7. Speed awareness in your EV
      8. Forward planning and observation - Dashboard Understanding
      9. Vehicle stability and control, Understanding auxiliary controls
      10. Acceleration sense and throttle use in EVs
      11. Learning safer driving on rural and urban roads
      12. Identify and removing bad habits, which could be impacting on your overall level of safety.

Indian candidates Fees
Online Live Class Fees: Rs. 999/-

Foreign Candidates Fees
Online Live Class Fees: $ 50 USD
All Fees Excluding 18% GST

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The course, overall was a good experience. Mainly, the trainer was very encouraging and professional. Most important things about AEVT training is EV and EVSE in-depth analysis, like charging station installation and Li-ion battery assembly Practical sessions. The course content is close to industrial standards and though the practicals were few, they were very effective.  

- Loka Abhiram,

Thank you very much for the opportunity you at AEVT have provided. It has been of grate usefulness.  

- Adrian Tooms,
Engineering Design and Project Management at Thyssenkrupp System Engineering, Ltd, USA

Excellent knowledge, good support from AEVT trainers team. Main things was Financial projection for startups. Excellent! 

- Manish Kumar,
From Dhanbad Jharkhand

The Lithium-ion battery pack assembly line course exceeded my expectations! The in-depth knowledge and practical skills I gained have been invaluable in my career which helped me to start my own Lithium Ion battery pack assembly unit in West Bengal. Highly recommend it!Keep inspiring entrepreneurship in West Bengal and all over. 

- Sauvik Dasgupta,
Liionergy LLP, Director (Lithium ion battery pack manufacturing unit),

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