Techno Commercial Skill for EV Startups

The Techno Commercial expert team can able to developed with a pool of talented engineers with strong commercial acumen to institutionalize "Value Engineering Concept" and state-of-the-art technologies and practices to source strategically. Techno Commercial function ensures having interactions with external stakeholders, vendors in a way to become successful entrepreneurs. At AEVT, the aims is to develop integrated processes leading to transparent working culture and to enhance new startups to increase scalability, speed & quality of transactions.

This course also explains how electric mobility can work for various businesses, including fleet managers, automobile manufacturers and charging infrastructure providers. After completing this course, you will be able to create e-mobility business models and develop a new strategy for your company which includes transition to or incorporation of e-mobility.

EV charging business

EV technology is filled with technical functionality that make a substantial difference how your customers experience the service e.g. charging power, dynamic load management, identification methods, electric security, capability for SW updates, connectivity to back end systems etc.
If you would like to learn more about launching successful EV charging service, must attent coming AEVT Training Session

Skill of EV Entrepreneurs

Charging technology is rapidly developing to meet the varied needs of the market with solutions such as smart charging and load management providing options for fleet operators and an alternative to expensive connection upgrades.
If you would like to start EV Charging business & learn more about launching successful EV charging service, Design, Site Assessment, Business guide must attent coming AEVT Training Session

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EV charging station design & development consultancy service

Charging Station Site Assessment

Solar-Powered Electric Vehicle Charging

EVSE Selection and Design

EV Charging Station financial assessment

Installation of EV Charging Station

Why E-Volt owner's engineers?

The most effective owner's engineers are those who serve in broader, longer roles that give them time to develop a keen understanding of owner objectives and develop a close relationship with the owner. This close relationship can be essential because the owner's engineer serves as an advocate for the owner's business objectives and identifies skill gaps in the owner's staff that can be filled by the owner's engineer team.

From Start to Finish

Evolt is a consultancy unit of Academy of EV Technology. Evolt can help take a project from concept through commissioning. To get the best possible financing deal, a project must clearly define-at a very early stage-the schedule, projected costs, and suitability of technology and location. Evolt owner's engineer team can help an owner achieve business objectives and sometimes even explain why something is not feasible while seeking suitable alternatives.
Some key assistance that Evolt engineer can provide:
  • 1. Defining and/or reviewing the project scope.
  • 2. Assessing and evaluating the budget and identifying financing sources.
  • 3. Conducting feasibility and site selection studies and alternatives analysis.
  • 4. Analyzing available technologies and their suitability to a project.
  • 5. Preparing early project schedules and design criteria.
  • 6. Preparing technical specifications for owner-furnished equipment.
  • 7. Preparing EPC contract documents, including RFP (request for proposal) issuance and response analysis.
  • 8. Providing permitting assistance and addressing related environmental concerns.

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The Next Big Business Opportunity: Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure

Workplace Charging:

EV fueling can help retain current employees, attract new ones, and demonstrate corporate social citizenship.Installing EV charging stations can be a worthwhile investment that pays for itself in several ways.

Public Parking:

Retail locations and parking garages offering charging stations can appeal to more customers and stand out from the competition.
EV Charging Stations are being installed on a regular basis in residential, commercial and industrial locations.

Here's what you need to know:

Installation shall be in compliance with Electrical Safety

A plug for home or workplace charging

A clear idea of the cost and time needed to charge

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