Electric Vehicles Charging Accessories

World's first from India: Thermal Batteries could change the fate of EVs

Vmaxo advertisement Secure your charging station with electric vehicle charging station accessories. Find radio-frequency identification (RFID) cards, enrollment readers that activate the cards, and a handheld programmer to program a user into or out of the approved list of users of your charging station. Also find bollard, wall, pole and pedestal mounting systems and brackets for your EV charger. Make sure you know who's using your car charging station with electric vehicle charging station accessories.

Primary Components
1. Cellular Communications: EVSEs use the cellular system to communicate energy transfer and status information to servers.
2. AC Contactor: Electrically controlled switch in the EVSE that closes to allow power to flow from the EVSE to the EV.
3. Cable and Plug: The electrical connection between the EVSE and the EV.
4. CAN (controller area network) Bus: Vehicle communications network used to control actuators and share sensor information (e.g., cruise control, battery charging, anti-lock brakes).
5. Battery: Rechargeable energy storage system that provides DC electrical energy to propel the EV.
6. Battery Management System: Protects battery from damage, maintains battery within operation limits, and maintains battery so it can fulfill its transportation functional requirements.
7. Protection Circuit: Located on the EV to prevent unintended reverse power flow from the EV and plug-in hybrid electric vehicle to the EVSE, power transients, electrical insulation, etc.

Electric Vehicle Connector: A device that, by insertion into an electric vehicle inlet, establishes an electrical connection to the electric vehicle for the purpose of power transfer and information exchange. This device is part of the electric vehicle coupler.

Charging Connector : SAE J1773 - SAE Electric Vehicle Inductively Coupled Charging, CHAdeMO standard, etc..

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