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The Government of India (GoI) recently announced plans for India's transition to all electric public transportation by 2030. Lithium-ion Batteries (LIBs) and related components account for about 40–50% of an EV’s total cost. The government’s ambitious targets for EVs and Renewable Energy (RE) are expected to create a huge demand for LIB systems in the coming years. However, at present, India lacks domestic manufacturing capacity at commercial scales and imports LIBs, mainly from China and the US.

As per the Charging the future: Asia leads drive to next-generation EV battery market report (Goldman Sachs, 2016), BYD has the largest LIB manufacturing facility, with an annual capacity of 6 GWh, followed by Nissan AESC (5 GWh), Loitech (1.5 GWh) and A123 (1.4 GWh). The capital expenditure (CAPEX) per capacity varies according to the capacities of these plants. With further developments in technology, better optimisation of manufacturing plants and implementation of government subsidies, the cost of LIBs can be reduced significantly in the future.

Currently, the demand for LIBs in India’s clean energy sector is modest. However, it is expected to increase several folds in the coming years because of the ambitious EV and RE targets.

Financial Model

The initial capital requirement, determined by the land and building requirement, is about 5%. The capital requirement for plant and machinery is about 82%, preliminary and pre-operative expenses would be about 7% and remaining is capitalised interest. We have assumed a 70:30 debt to equity ratio. The input components are capital cost, raw material costs, operations costs, etc., and the output is calculated in terms of battery manufacturing cost (RS/kWh). The manufacturing cost includes materials, labour, energy, depreciation, Selling, General & Administrative (SG&A), etc.

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Battery Assembly Process & EVSE Consultancy
Consultancy for Battery Assembly Process, EV charger, Lithium-ion Battery and all equipments manufacturing
Battery Assembly Process
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Electric Vehicle Startups Making India

Electric Vehicles are increasingly being produced, and with the government’s push towards electric mobility to combat rising pollution, we are a step closer to realising this ambitious dream.
In the last two years, more than one million electric vehicles hit the road in India. Over 350,000 units were sold in 2018, while 750,000 units were sold in 2019.

Ather Energy

A Bengaluru-based EV startup, Ather Energy was founded in 2013 by two IIT Madras graduates, Tarun Mehta and Swapnil Jain. The company develops and manufactures its own e-scooters, and offers charging infrastructure through the ‘Ather Grid’, its electric vehicle charging infrastructure. It provides consumer services that include cloud software upgrades and new ownership models such as subscription and leasing.

Commercial EV startup

Delhi-based Euler Motors is one of the startups that’s helping both consumer and business-facing companies to enable electric fleets for facilitating last-mile logistics.

Menza Motors

Menza motors is an electrical automobile manufacturing company that was launched in March 2016 in Ahmedabad, Gujarat by Rahul Gonsalves and Shivakant Pandey. The company aims to introduce a new dimension in commuting and transportation in India with its avant-garde bikes and motor technology. It is today spread across 15 major Indian cities and its team comprises of 21 people.

business opportunities in e-mobility

1. Manufacturing
Electric Vehicle Manufacturing - A new wave of start-ups have embarked on auto manufacturing, a space that has traditionally had large barriers to entry. A few examples of such companies are Ather Energy, Ultraviolette, Strom Motors, Emflux Motors, Gayam Motor Works.
2. Battery Manufacturing
Though there are multiple reasons India lags in the cell manufacturing of Li-ion batteries, EV penetration has seen a plethora of companies enter the battery assembly space.
3. Powertrain Components Manufacturing - EVs have a simpler powertrain that requires way fewer parts than the ICE vehicles. Core components of an EV powertrain are Batteries, DC-AC converters, Electric motors, DC-DC coonverters, transmissions and ECUs (electronic control units).
Examples – Altigreen technology, Quanteon powertrain, Virya mobility, Elecnovo. Established auto component manufactures such as TVS Lucas and Bharat Forge have also diversified into EV powertrain component manufacturing.

Electric Vehicle (EV) Industry Forecast, 2020-2030

The global electric vehicle market is expected to reach $1,299.3 billion by 2030, representing a 2020-2030 CAGR of 19.8%.
The Indian electric vehicle ecosystem market provides detailed market information for segmentation such as batteries, propulsion type, charger type, separator and region. The purpose of this market analysis is to examine the electric vehicle ecosystem market outlook in terms of factors driving the market, trends, technological developments, and competitive benchmarking, among others.

Startup India Training Program

The type 1 plug is a single-phase plug which allows for charging power levels of up to 7.4 kW (230 V, 32 A). The standard is mainly used in car models from the Asian region, and is rare in Europe, which is why there are very few public type 1 charging stations.

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Battery Assembly Process & EVSE Consultancy
Consultancy for Battery Assembly Process, EV charger, Lithium-ion Battery and all equipments manufacturing
Battery Assembly Process
Buy Battery Assembly Process - Buy EV charger, Lithium-ion Battery and all equipments from EVSEMart


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