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The Electric Vehicle Controllers is one of the four important parts of an electric car. It is the "brain" of the electric vehicle. It controls the start, run, advance and retreat, speed, and stop of the electric car motor. If the controller fails, it will be difficult to move. Therefore, it is also one of the most common reasons why your electric vehicle may not work properly. Check your controller for loose, disconnected or improperly connected wires. If the controller still does not work, check that the power switch is on. Also check the fuse.

It is common knowledge that a vast majority of motor controllers used in India are imported.

Following are challenges with making controllers in India.
It should be noted that motor companies in India have been traditionally manufacturing induction motors and Brushed DC motors which DO NOT need controllers. BLDC motors have only recently been introduced for different application areas such as EVs, as well as inverters technology for air conditioners and refrigerators. So, we can say the requirement of controllers in the market is relatively new.
Lack of technical capability at organisational level and individual skill level is another reason. Notably, manufacturing of motor controllers need multi-disciplinary proficiency in embedded systems, power electronics, control systems and electrical machines. There is a lack of curriculum and practical opportunities to help individuals develop these skills.
Semi conductor devices are a basic component of a motor controller. Though these are not manufactured in India, there is still a decent supply chain already available that imports semi conductors and supplies the same to Indian companies. The main challenge with manufacturing of controllers is with the process required to build controllers that can withstand high amounts of current.

Lithium-ion Battery

The battery is considered the most vital part of an E-bike and is most susceptible to damage due to its location and operating conditions. The damage often incurred to the battery is, in fact, the result of improper usage of EV. You should also check the battery charger. You do not need any tools to do this check. Simply plug the charger into a power outlet and check to see if one or more of the indicator lights are on.
When it comes to an e-scooter, most of your problems will likely be related to the battery pack. It’s what powers the motor and you won’t get very far without a fully-functioning battery pack.

EV Lithium-ion Battery Repair and Maintenance

EV Lithium-ion Battery Repair and Maintenance
Electric cars are becoming increasingly popular, and with that comes the need for high-quality battery repair centers. By repairing batteries, they are able to extend the lifespan of batteries considerably.
The average electric vehicle lithium-ion battery can retain up to 70% of its charging capacity after being removed. The business proposition for second-life batteries is therefore intuitive
The second life market looks set to boom in the coming years as EV uptake grows.

Admission going on for Aug-2024
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As such the entire module is well prepared. In-depth information for the EV. Really a best institution to enhance the knowledge about EV. 

- Rohit Agarwal,
Zonal Head for Jharkhand State, Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India Pvt Ltd

I have got a very good positive momentum knowledge and confidence to start a business in this field. This training is remarkable, got good knowledge on EV batteries and charging stations. The viability, feasibility and future need of electric power storage system and environmental friendly power generation also dealt in the class.  

Managing Director, Al Maha Reconstruction And Trading, Doha,Qatar

The course, overall was a good experience. Mainly, the trainer was very encouraging and professional. Most important things about AEVT training is EV and EVSE in-depth analysis, like charging station installation and Li-ion battery assembly Practical sessions. The course content is close to industrial standards and though the practicals were few, they were very effective.  

- Loka Abhiram,

Thank you very much for the opportunity you at AEVT have provided. It has been of grate usefulness.  

- Adrian Tooms,
Engineering Design and Project Management at Thyssenkrupp System Engineering, Ltd, USA

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