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Installation Cost of an EV Charger

The cost to install your car’s charging station can be broken up into three general topics. They are
Factors that affect the installation cost and the price of your electric vehicle charging station can be things like distance from the charging station to your electrical panel, your electrical panel is too old, there isn’t enough room to add an additional dedicated circuit, etc.

Installing it might require additional materials, so be prepared to incur additional charges if you find yourself in this situation.

The cost per hour per electrician is an easy math equation, however, in some cases a flat rate per industry standard, the estimated time versus the amount of time spent changes the playing field completely. Make sure to discuss this with your electrician during your walk through.

An electrical conduit and wiring need to be installed from your electrical panel sometimes surface mounted and/or under your house and mounted at the best location for your vehicle in the garage or outside.

Labor installation varies depending on the amount of time spent installing the electrical components, the degree of difficulty, such as the amount of bends to conduits, the amount of corners/turns (ie..end of the house), as well as the height of the conduit will be mounted.

If you are looking to do business, we will recommend to take Certificate in EV Charging Station Installation course from AEVT.

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Academic Board GATE Trust

Curriculum / Electric Vehicle Syllabus


Introduction of the course                                                                         

  •  Introduction to the course
  • History of Electric Vehicle
  •  Industry Growth after COVID-19
  •  World wide Research and Development
Classification of EV Architecture                                                               

  •  Architecture of BEV
  •  Architecture of HEV
  •  Architecture of PHEV
  •  Architecture of MHEV
  •  Question Answer Session on EV Architecture
Operation of Electric Vehicle                                                                     

  •  Operation Modes of 2W, 3W and 4W
Sizing & Calculation of Elements             
  •  Elements of EV & HEV
Types and Working Principle of EV Motors     
  • Classification of Motor used in EV00:25:00
  • PMSM
  • PMDC
  •  BLDC
  • Induction Motors
  •  Question Answer on EV Motors
Technical Characteristics of each type of Motors
  •  Characteristics of Motor
  •  Introduction to Electric Vehicle Propulsion Systems
Lithium-ion Battery Technology      
  •  Types of Battery
  • Battery Manufacturing
  • Battery Terminology ( Soc,Dod,Soh etc)
  •  Battery Recycling
  •  Question Answer Session
Battery Management System
  •  BMS (Battery Management System)
  •  Design Consideration of BMS
  • BMS Building Blocks
  •  Question Answer Session
Vehicle Controllers    
  •  Controller system in Electric Vehicle
  •  Types of CAN BUS
  •  Application of CAN BUS
  • Question Answer Session
Regenerative Braking Technology and Application            
  •  Regenerative Braking Technology
  • Regenerative Braking Application
Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure               
  • Type of Electric Vehicle Charger
  • Introduction with Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE)
  • Question Answer Session
EV Design                                         
  • 2W e-bike Design
  • 3w e-rickshaw Powertrain Design
  • Question Answer Session


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